Pre-undergraduate Internships

Hi Mr. Giri and CloudxLab community,

Thank you for reading this post! My name is Aaryan and I am currently a high schooler in 11th grade (junior in high school). Today I am writing to you to find out about any pre-college internship opportunities in Computer Science/Machine Learning. I went to the job postings section of cloudxlab but I only noticed positions requiring at least a batchelor’s degree.

I have completed the Machine Learning Specialization - EICT, IITR course on CloudxLab and have completed the Advanced Placement Courses in Java and Python Programming at my High School. I also have experience teaching Machine Learning and Java at my High School to elementary, middle, and high school students through the camps and clubs I hosted. In my spare time, I develop applications for Android Phones.

I am looking for an online internship position that focuses on computer science which runs during weekends or summer break. Compensation is not as important to me as the opportunity to work in a real tech environment. I’m looking for a position that will give me real-world experience in the IT industry for my college applications.

I would highly appreciate it if someone could give me some guidance in this matter.

Thank you,