Please answer this question. I am not able to get the answer


Please explain functions too. Thanks

Print Even Numbers up to n

Write a function with the name print_even which takes one argument n. This function should print all even numbers starting from 0 up to but not including n.

This is how the definition is supposed to look:

def print_even(n):
    # This is where your code should print

Example Test Cases:

if n is 4, calling print_even(4) should print:

if n is 5, calling print_even(5) should print:

if n is 0, calling print_even(0) should not print anything.


May I know what logic you have written for this question?
and what error you are getting ?
Kindly share the screenshots.
I will be happy to help.

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Sir, I cannot answer this particular question may I have an answer?


Sorry, we don’t share answers. Kindly look at the hints or try to check the comments below the question to get the idea.
If you have written the program share here, I will try to help you.

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Alright. Thanks.

Can you explain functions in python