Please add Recommender system vedios

Please upload vedios on Recommender system also.
It is a request.

Thank you.

Hi @Anubhav_Gupta,

What kind of Recommender system you are working on if I may ask?

Do you just need algorithmic explaination like Collaborative Filtering and Content Based Recommendation or the entire end-to-end with DevOps tools?


Just like the end to end project that are included in the course.
Please try to add an end to end project on Recommendation system, i reaaly badly need it also it is one of the main portion of machine learning thereforr it should be included in it…

I have applied to many internships and they all are asking for a recommendation system.
So kindly please add the same too as the earliest possible.


Hi @Anubhav_Gupta,

Here is a link for a end-to-end project on Recommendation Systems with Python. Everything is explained very well in here along with the notebook links.

In case you are unclear about anything, try reading research papers regarding recommendation engines. I am sure you ll be able to make sense out of them, as most papers are written in very a intuitive manner.

Regarding videos for an end-to-end Project, please drop a mail with your request at

I hope it helps