Performance of ML on Linux & Windows

Is doing Machine Learning on Linux faster than doing it on Windows? Why is Linux being taught in this course?

Actually, machine learning is agnostic of the OS meaning it does not matter which Operating System do you use for machine learning, the speed will be more or less the same.

The reason we recommend using Linux is that most users in machine learning and software engineering world tend to use Linux in organizations. This may probably be because of:

  • Ease of connecting and executing commands on remote systems via ssh.
  • Automating the tasks via shell scripts
  • User workspace isolation and usage on multi-user systems
  • Most of the libraries work pretty well on Linux

In our case, since our entire lab is based on Linux, we prefer teaching people Linux to make their life easier.

Further, if a person has knowledge of Linux, they become very comfortable quickly with DevOps, Big Data and other tech stacks.

Also, we saw that people with Linux knowledge have better career graph.

Thanks Sandeep. Your explanation clears all my doubts. It will be useful to others too.

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