Oozie Job Stuck at 50%


Oozie job submitted is stuck at 50%. Here are the details. Details are as:

nameNode=hdfs://ip-172-31-35-141.ec2.internal:8020 (From Ambari HDFS)

import --connect jdbc:mysql://ip-172-31-20-247:3306/sqoopex --username sqoopuser --password NHkkP876rp --table widgets --target-dir hdfs:///user/alokdeosingh1995/widgets_import

Pls help!


Not able to find anything unusual in logs.


Have you also passed the MySQL JAR to the job? Also in the above screenshot please click on logs to see more details.



Thanks Abhinav!
I tried it again and it worked. Used the same process as told in the class. Dont know why was it happening and nothing was there in the logs. Will try dive more deep it occurs again.