Not able to process data

The DiskSpace quota of /user/rishav78226336 is exceeded: quota = 7516192768 B = 7 GB but diskspace consumed = 7650
410496 B = 7.13 GB

It can’t even process 50000 records then why bigdata ?

Hi Rishabh,

Can you provide us with more info that what you are trying to process so that we can understand your issue better?

sure sir I have created the external table by using the data in my hdfs and try to run this query:

select count(*) from table_name;

Also I am unable to make external database:

create database /hdfs/path

sir please help me out already I have paid a lot of time in this environment but it is different than
my virtual machine environment

Hi Rishabh,

Currently, we don’t permit our users to create external databases.

I can’t find out any external table created in your default database in hive. Also, I can’t find any data in your HDFS.