Not able to find uploaded file in HDFS

Hi, Team
I am new in Hadoop world, I have created one directory uing
command hdfs dfs -mkdir facebookdata…
It was created succesfully, but now I am not able to search it…
Pls help me in this
I am using hdfs dfs -ls / command to search , but not able to find it…


Slash ("/") in the beginging of a path means the top-level directory.

When you run a command like “hdfs dfs -mkdir facebookdata”, “facebookdata” is created in your hdfs home directory. It is relative to your current directory and by default your current directory is same as your home directory in HDFS i.e. /user/rkrishu13395.

if you do “hdfs dfs -ls” without any path, it will show you that folder “facebookdata”. Also, you can try the following too: hdfs dfs -ls /user/rkrishu13395

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