Not able to add sqoop command


Dear All,
I am trying to execute below Oozie hands on,

In Hue, Get the location of mysql Jar


Go to Workflows -> Editors

Click on Create Button on right site

#Drag and drop sqoop1

Set the password in following command and copy paste

Also, change the HDFS absolute location

import --connect jdbc:mysql://ip-172-31-13-154:3306/sqoopex --username sqoopuser --password NHkkP876rp --table widgets --target-dir hdfs:///user/sandeepgiri9034/widgets_import

Add the files of mysql connector

Save and Submit

Open File Browser check if the files are created.

When I try to add sqoop command, the add button is not enabled and i am not able to add it, the screen as no response. Could you please assist me how to resolve this issue.


@sgiri : I guess OOZIE UI is not working could you please check let us know, we are not able to execute the simple sqoop command as well.

Thanks in advance.



Can you use the correct MySQL host as specified under “My Lab” section?