More clarity needed - Matplotlib Terminologies

Dear CloudXLab Team,

Need a few clarifications regarding the following terminologies used in the codes viz.:

a) bins
for eg bins = 30.

what is inferred by this?

b) figsize

for eg figsize(6,5)

What do we infer by this?

c) Density = True & Density = False
What do these terms imply?

a) bin is the number of bins in a histogram
b) figsize is the size of the plot
c) Not sure if this is related to histogram, if it is then if True , draw and return a probability density: each bin will display the bin’s raw count divided by the total number of counts and the bin width ( density = counts / (sum(counts) * np.diff(bins)) ), so that the area under the histogram integrates to 1 ( np.sum(density * np.diff(bins)) == 1 ). If stacked is also True , the sum of the histograms is normalized to 1.

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Noted your comments & thanks for your reply…!!!