"MongoDB -> Hadoop -> Hive" - Integration

Dear All,

I am quite new to BigData environment. Recently gone through the following video on youtube on the topic “MongoDB -> Hadoop -> Hive - Integration” -

I tried the same but might be due to version differences now, couldn’t made it through.

Could anyone please share the steps, notes or environment if tried it recently.


Hi Jitendra,

This video is little old so it might not work as is.

Would love to understand the objective you have in mind.

Dear Sandeep,

Thanks for the prompt reply. My objective is to -

  1. Setup an environment with MongoDB, Hadoop and Hive. (Preferably on the same machine)
  2. Then run HIVE queries on the data in MongoDB through Hive.


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Hi Sandeep,

Could someone having handon on this help me.


Hi @Jit , I am working with similar scenario. If you have the steps or you got it done successfully then kindly help as I am getting a lot many errors while integrating.