Mapreduce job fails

From the following session “Session 8- Mapreduce (Continue) - 25 Feb 2018” @2:28:28/2:51:07

I have tried to give the following commands in my lab account to run the Mapreduce job but I am unable to do so.

[sandu10113581@ip-172-31-38-146 ~]$ git clone

Cloning into ‘bigdata’…fatal: unable to access ‘’: Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate.

#Since it is not working I have removed “bigdata” directory under my account and tried still it is trowing the error.

#finally the “bigdata” directory is missed under my account and I am failed to run the Mapreduce job

How to get the “bigdata” folder again to my account and to run the Mapreduce Job

Please help to resolve .


It is github not gtibhub