Machine learning material


What is de-trended count?
Additionally I believe there is lot of statistics involved in the analysis part and types of models and what models should be used on what type of data.

Can you please suggest some other good materials to base the foundation?


Hi, Shivom.

A trend means the error, Detrending means removing an aspect from the data that you think is causing some kind of distortion from the ideal behavior, you use least square method for trying to minimize the trend in Linear-Regression.

I personally feel that if you religiously complete the course you will be able to understand all the foundations and Advanced concepts of ML, As Sandeep Sir, teaches from very basics to Advanced level.

All the best.


Hi Satyajit
I understand the material is good but still I feel I am not very good at statistics part .I believe should study some additional materials where I could understand data analysis part.