Machine Learning End to End Project - Categorical versus Numerical

How will these features be classified?

a. Categorical - Ordinal

b. Categorical - Regular

c. Numerical

The indoor temperature - Values: High, Low, Very High, Very Low

The indoor temperature - Values: 10.0, 11.0, 12.1, 13.2

Whether a person has an allergy - Values: Yes, No

What country was person born in? - Values: USA, Canada, Australia, India, China, …

Persons’s IQ score - Values: 85, 110, 121, 145, 165


I did not understand why anser is acbbc

I did not understand the whole thing.

Please explain those three parameters.

Please reply

Hi Nirav, as suggested, please comment below the topic you are facing the issue in. That way it would be easier for us to understand the context of the query and the issue itself.

In this question, we have 5 features. You need to classify them as Categorical - Ordinal, Categorical - Regular, or as Numerical. However, instead of these strings you can denote them as a, b, and c for these values respectively. The features are indoor temperature as high/low, indoor temperature as values, whether a person has allergy and so on.

The question is why the answer is acbbc.??

I did not understand why first one is Categorical - Ordinal??

why second one is Numerical??

why third one is Categorical - Regular ??
why forth is Categorical - Regular??

why last one is Numerical??

Please reply.

Hi, these are types of variables. Please go through the below lecture video where these have been explained in details: