Logical regression

why we are using meshgrid here and why there is the need of modifying X to X_new?


  1. np.meshgrid will return the matrices from vectors.

Here you can see linspace() will create two vectors and to make it a matrices for further use we need to convert to matrix.

  1. Here we are not modifying the X to X_new.
    Here we are translating the flattened object of X0 and X1 along the second axis and storing it in a X_new variable.

To know more kindly refer below


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why we are not directly predicting the X ?

Here X0, X1 and X_new is basically used for plotting the contour graph along with zz as an example.

I cannot see any relations b/t the X_new and X used for prediction in the screenshots you shared.
“X” may have been used in later code for predictions.

Kindly send the compete code to look more into it.

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y_proba=log_reg.predict(X_new) is used ?
you can see in line 10.
What is the meaning of contour graph

Yes that is fine y_proba=log_reg.predict(X_new) is using the X_new variable which you have created by meshgrid, but no where you are using X variable which consists of Iris data right?

You can refer below.