Issues with webconsole

I am not able to log into web console using user id sreeshpp2315. It says incorrect user id and password.
Please have a look at it and let me know at the earliest.


Hi @sreesh_p_p,

I was able to log in. PFA screenshot.

Can you please try typing the password instead of copy pasting it. In some browsers, copy-paste may not work.

Hope this helps.


Hi Abhishek,

I tried but it is still not working. Can you please email me the credentials?. I suspect the passoword shown the website is incorrect.


I am using same credentials for Jupyter,Ambari etc… It is not working for all of it. I faced the same issue when I extended the lab last time

I still have issues with making connection to webconsole,Ambari and Jupyter.

. I clould see that password has been changed , but the connection is not working for webconsole,Jupyter and Ambari