Import dataset from mac laptop to UNIX environment doesn't work


I am working on a mac, and I have a problem, I can not import my dataset form my laptop to Web console.
I tried to use code [scp] code when I saw the video about SCP explain, it is supposed that the file (sample.txt) is already uploaded on the UNIX system and then upload to cloud x lab.
So, my question How I can upload or import my dataset for mac laptop first to UNIX system?

I tried to import file by FillZill but the host doesn’t work, this is another problem.
Also Ambaria and Hue don’t work with me.
Any help please .


Hi @mas,

SCP should work for uploading the file from your mac to web console. Did you try going through the SCP documentation about what to do in case the file already exists? You may also prefer to use rsync.

Also can you please let me know what is not working in Ambari and Hue?