How to get PPT?


I was going through Python for ML course. I want the ppt in local laptop


Hi, Vivek.

Check all these github repository by clouxLab.


All the best!


I cannot find PPTs there. Can you supply that too.


Ho to download PPTs?


If you get it or find a way to get it please share it here.


Hi, Vivek and Mohit.

Clone the repository and you will get all the Python practise programs in .ipynb format and then you can run in your local machine.

All the best


Hi satyajit, not about programs but the ppt sir refer to while teaching they are not there in repository.
Also had this issue of constructor as you can see in image when i call mo=mohit() it does not print I am constructed unlike when sir did in session 7 at timeline 46:35 with the class name as partyanimal()
could tell the reason why?constructor%20problem


Hi Vivek,

The presentations are available in the LMS which is available under “My Courses” at


hello sir could you help me resolve this issue i have written code as mentioned in class but facing error


Check the name of the constructor


sir i even tried with partyanimal but naming should not be a issue.since in your example u used partyanimal as class and created an object using an in mine i have created class with mohit and called it using s=mohit same as explained in class.sorry i’m unable to understand how name could be an issue


change the name of the function ninit to __init__


the same issue


Please change the name of the function _init_ to __init__.

Do you notice the difference? You code has single underscore and what is needed are double underscores.