How to check which services are available?

Here is a question from one of user:

While executing the jps command in the console, I didn’t get namenode,datanode information. SO what is the command to check datanode,namenode is installed or not.
Also could you please share the path of the hdfs-site.xml and mapred-site.xml configuration files path.

jps is a program that displays java processes running. It is not able to identify the various processes being by other users. See: jps - Java Virtual Machine Process Status Tool

The various services HDFS, YARN etc are running from different accounts such as hadoop. Therefore, they would not be listed.

To see all processes, please use ps aux. It will show all processes running on this host.

Also, please note that since most of the Hadoop and Spark services are distributed meaning they are running on multiple hosts. So, you may not be able to see the running Hadoop/Spark services.

The best way to see what is running where is by looking at Ambari.