How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used for your project or work?


I have been working on a project to create an app for scheduling play dates. Where I see AI can add value is in creating matching algorithm that matches one with potential play dates. Based on user’s past behaviour and his digital footprint, it would be able to match better leading to higher success rate.


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We are working on the platform for home bakers in India. AI could solve the location based targeting of customers and also customers could find home baker option nearest to them. This will reduce time to deliver and cost of delivery for both parties.


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In Telecom
To apply AI in many use cases in Network operation , as Chatbot for Field Maintenance , Network Optimization , Capacity forecast


As a Project Manager, I would like to use AI to identify the team members performance by analyzing their contributions by certain parameters including their mistakes and gaps in programming, errors, bugs etc.,
Another best use case could be analyzing the users comments and data from our different sources of media and service centers for our products that we are selling to users.


HI ,
Auditors analyse data to detect patterns which in turn help them to identify risk occurrences. A auditor starts analyzing data from a single field and then as the next step analyses with a combination of fields eg checking of duplicate vendors , in the first step the Auditor checks duplicates on vendor names , then checks duplicates on vendor name + vendor address combination and so on… But the Auditor after a few checks based on rules finds it to check with different combination of fields

ML can be used so that the machine can process data by learning and start checking fields and combination of fields to detect duplicates or patterns which could lead to identification of risk occurrences. In this case AL can source data from the public domain eg vendor geo coordinates from google maps to add data for analysis.



We have traditional estimation system for distinguish the project as simple,medium and complex based on certain features. This can be done by using classification algorithm where we have an advantage of considering more features.
In a typical migration projects, the most commonly considering features are
source system, Target system,No of lines of code or data,Language used,Size of the application/data.
1.Our history of records gives,100 previous projects which have been classified as Simple,Medium or Complex and their respective data.
2.Train the system with the above data.
3.Provide data for new project and get the result as is it simple,medium or complex
there by apply effort and time&budget


I have worked on several learning platforms for kids. Particularly teaching kids how to read in very intuitive way.
I think Ai can be used to study how to read, noting the different accents and pronounciation . And the be hooked up to mic and speaker so that when a child is reading and cannot pronounce the words, the ai will interject to help the child try again and pronounce the words better.

  • The Ai can help the child break down the parts of the words so the child can attempt pronoucing the sounds and then merging the sounds to gather to get the right pronounciation.
  • When the child id reading and the diction is not making sense or the reading sound in disjointed, the Ai will correct that like real teacher and ask the child to repeat the sentence in more meaning ful way , by giving examples

I am initiating my career in BFSI sector. I believe that AI and ML can be put to use in my line of work in a number of ways. Some of these could be as described in succeeding paragraphs.

AI could be used for identification of data points/ patterns drawn from analysis of trade data available in the stock exchange(NSE/BSE) thereby forecasting markets with greater accuracy resulting in mitigating the risk and providing higher returns in trade.

AI and ML can carry out analysis of large volumes of personalised customer data and transnational history to instantly identify customer behaviour patterns that are out of the ordinary. This helps in establishing massive repository of data which can provide the possibility of early detection of any abnormal behaviour that may lead to cases of financial fraud or theft.

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I am in General Insurance Consulting and with the emergence of AI the General Insurance Industry is fast moving towards adopting new age Technologies and AI to grow the Businesses and also reduce Risks.

AI is predominantly getting used in Identifying Risk Exposures with Usage of Telematics in Vehicle Insurances .
Also AI is being thought of being used in Insurance Claims by usage of Drones for capturing images of Losses and Verifying the loss thereby having quicker claims resolution and great Customer Experience.

These are helping in Top Line as well as Bottom Line Growths and helping the Industry on a whole.

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We are looking a great opportunity to implement AI (ML/DL) to automate the financial process . There are huge number of process documents in multiple format (JPEG,SCAN,PDF,Handwritten) to identify the approved loan amount , breach ,and other details to process the deal.

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I work for a IT company. i think the example shared in slide for HR, Marketing and Sales are all relevant and are being used in some form in all organisations.
Have used AI tools to classify documents submitted in bulk by customers to check for mandatory & optional documents and take decisions accordingly.
I have worked in Auto industry also. and all the autonomus cars/ connected vehicles concept make use of AI, ML and Deep Learning.


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Amalgamation of AI with Augmented Reality is the growing trend in eCommerce industry.
Conceptualization of 3D digital objects along side with physical ones can get constructed to
provide better visual experiences to the customer.
Smaller, faster, and more accurate AI models will be the engines of AR functionality,
given their ability to track and understand the 3D world. They’ll also continue to enhance AR
experiences, adding effects and interactivity to AR objects.
This can be used in various use cases such as -
1- Personalized search through audio recognition or text translation
2- Object detection
3- Better 3D experiences to better help conversion

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I work in a fintech and we have eCommerce division. I believe all the uses cases covered in eCommerce and Fintech in the chapter can be utilised for better forecasting of sales revenue generation, suggesting product features and offerings based on the buying and behaviour patterns of the customer. Lost of use cases can be worked upon in Security division where AI can be applied.

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Machine Learning At Simulation - Case Study

We have a process now running from years, geometry model, applying mesh, load/bc and job set up run through a solver to get your - stress, deformation results. Require through knowledge of cae applications and minimum knowledge of FEM and simulation concepts. Well. we have resources to do and invest in people but these people capable of doing many things rather sitting idle in-front of computer system while running long time job and repetitive process until we get best and accurate results.

System and Process need change in it’s life style, this is possible with the machine learning methods implementation on the model. Model to be trained to do the job and give us the better results. When it comes to CAD model designed from any cad system and bring into CAE system, solve the model and get the results. This results may not be the best or as you wanted to be, now leave the job to machine, let train this simulation model to machine learning model.

The machine learning model controls the input parameter such as material, meshing etc, apply them from different perspective and bless you with an accurate results. The user will be given with the options of results, choose the - accurate one.

Once the machine learning model is ready, make it as a template so in future you may not go through the process and deeper knowledge to understand the model, it is templates makes your life easier to understand and run them as and when required.

CAE is an important software package in the world of technologies. Tell me where you do not find or not require the simulation, Automobile, Aerospace, Shipping industry, Medical, Manufacturing etc everywhere you need Computer Aided Engineering Software to make your predictions looks closer to actual results.

No one want to invest in prototyping the real model and test in real scenario! waist of money and resources! Future is to ease the things and CAE is not far away. Wait and Watch it for couple more years to change you see in process and completely automated CAE software.

No wonder if CAD/CAE predicts the life of a human!

Best Regards,
Vijay Kulkarni

Hi Team,
i am new to AI & ML but i wanted to learn and understand

  1. How Artificial intelligence techniques can be used to learn how to remove noise or unwanted data and to enable security experts to understand the cyber environment in order to detect abnormal activity"

2)How AI can also benefit cybersecurity with automated techniques to generate whenever cyber threats are detected.

Thanks & Regards


My name is Amar and I work for Fintech Software development company and here we are using AI in compliance to detect any fraudulent transaction while transfering money from one company to another.


I am a student pursuing MBA. I interned as a product manager in a startup which focus on data analysis and applications of Drone and satellite imagery data. In my view AI and ML can be used in this vertical in many ways like:
Train the drones for autonomous flights
Track objects with precision
Mapping areas


In current days effective lending has become a challenging task. There are people who are new to credit and how do you lend them? So at my work we are trying to solve this problem by providing and alternate credit scoring mechanism leveraging social and economical public data that is available out there. For example Night light, census data , industry and population data etc. Using this data we want to find out Affluence and economic dynamicity of the applicant for loans and provide an alternative credit score for people who don’t have a credit history. Also use this score to super impose with credit score of people who have it and provide better results.

Madhusudhan Mahale

I am associated with Auto Industry handling customer experience.
AI can play a big role in planning for right inventory of spare parts to be available as required based upon the earlier usage pattern.

I work in sphere of travel and fleet safety on road. There are rules to makes driving safer. Now each driving condition is different, human intervention is needed to make sure that the rules and the safety index was maintianed. However, not all scenarioncan be rules based. A machine can process 1million and millions of video where rules were maintianed but safetly was still low and come up with new marking process to make driving safer