How AI and ML can be used for your project or work?



Hope you have seen the introductory video of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Managers.

In this video, we have discussed the use cases of AI and ML across various industries. Please reply to this topic and let us know how will you use the AI and ML in your work, project or vertical.

Your case study might be graded in the course and we will publish a few case studies in our blog mentioning your name.

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Hello all,

My team is working on innovative approaches to realize prospective and retrospective insurance cost savings. ML is currently being used on a couple of projects where we aim to build models that identify anomalies in billing and payments patterns and I would like to gain a better overview of what can be accomplished and how best to support my team.




Currently there’s no plan to leverage AI at work.

In regards to project, I will like to use AI/ML to analyze data and determine certain pattern or behavior to predict the future. For e.g., based on seismographic data predict a future earthquake.