Guidance for MBA student to start a career in AI and ML


I’m currently a 2nd-year MBA student. My specialization is in Systems and Finance. I want to start my career in AI and ML. There are a lot of algorithms and technical prerequisites to be aware of before I can understand AI and ML concepts. But as a future Manager/Consultant/Analyst/Solution Architect how to start my journey towards AI and ML and get a job in this field?


Hi, Santosh.

We are very happy that you have decided to take the leap in your career towards AI.
AI is the next industry revolution and this will surely going to change the future we do the work.

A basic Maths, Statistics and Python programming is enough for understanding the Technical aspects of AI. Everything you can learn from our course from the basic.

As a Manager no Technical prerequisite is required for handling the AI projects. You should be aware of the various technology where and how they are working?.

We have an excellent course named “AI for Managers” to cater the needs of future managers in the fields of AI.
Here is the link –

This is designed by our Founder Mr. Sandeep Giri who worked in Amazon for decades and has vast experience in AI field.

All the best.