Global Wheat Detection Problem - ANN

Global Wheat Detection Problem - You’ll detect wheat heads from outdoor images of wheat plants, including wheat datasets from around the globe. Using worldwide data, you will focus on a generalized solution to estimate the number and size of wheat heads. To better gauge the performance for unseen genotypes, environments, and observational conditions, the training dataset covers multiple regions. You will use more than 3,000 images from Europe (France, UK, Switzerland) and North America (Canada). The test data includes about 1,000 images from Australia, Japan, and China.

I am planning to attempt this problem on Kaggle, if anyone is interested please reply here.
I will ask the Cloudx team to load the data into shared location.
We can collectively work and solve the problem by sharing the notebooks.


Hi Srini,

I have upload the dataset at this location in CloudxLab: /cxldata/datasets/project/global-wheat-detection

This is based on this paper:
The dataset is from this location:

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