Give me the path for local and hdfs seperately

Give me the path for local and hdfs seperately. I want to build a SBT where can i do that

Hi Akash,

In Linux, your home directory is /home/username and on HDFS your home directory will be /user/username

Please replace username with your CloudxLab username

For SBT, please go through this video

Hope this helps.


THEN, WHY AM I NOT ABLE TO ACCESS THE /HOME/USERNAME, I NEED A PHYSICAL PATH SO THAT I CAN BUILD. please help me to navigate to the physical data path.

and I have another problem which is related to spark, I need to view the DAG of my relevant transformations that I am performing… which I used to view in localhost:4040


Please replace username with your cloudxlab username

Also to see your spark job in UI, please follow this discussion.

Hope this helps.


`home/akashjha24feb19928976’: No such file or directory

and yes I am using my username not “username”, hope that is what you mean
and this has been a trouble for me to progress through the project so kindly find a way

It should be /home/akashjha24feb19928976 not home/akashjha24feb19928976

I recommend you to go through the Linux assessment here. This assessment will help you in understanding the Linux file structure and frequently used Linux commands. Sound knowledge of Linux will aid you in progressing faster.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, that indeed helped. Is there any GUI to view the physical file and their contents

For HDFS, you can use File Browser of Hue.

For local linux file system, you can use the provided Jupyter.