Getting Permission denied while creating directory in hadoop

hadoop fs -mkdir hdfs:///data/vData
hadoop fs -mkdir hdfs:///vData

mkdir: Permission denied: user=ivarunkumar0076051, access=WRITE, inode="/data/vData":hdfs:hdfs:drwxr-xr-x

Could you someone please help ?
Is there any way specific directory to keep my files ?

Hi @varunkumar_inbaraj,

You have permissions to create directory and files only in your home folder in HDFS which is /user/your_cloudxlab_username

Thanks @abhinav
Its working under my directory.

I am trying to create parquet file in directory “/home/cloudxusername” it is not working.
It is giving me permission denied error.
When I checked permission of respective folder I found it is having all required permission.
Please suggest what to do?

I think it is duplicate of another issue.