FAQ: How to learn Hadoop Administration?


Often, we get a questions related to Hadoop Administration training such as:

  • Does CloudxLab provide Hadoop Admin Training?
  • How should I learn Hadoop Administration?

Let me try to answer these questions in this thread.


In the Hadoop Administration role, you are required to set up and mostly monitor Hadoop cluster.

Generally, a Hadoop cluster is set up once and run for a long period of time. So, the installation requirement in organizations is quite low. Also, since there are tools to automatically install Hadoop on the cluster, the learning curve is not steep. There are two reasons why we have not launched the Hadoop Administration training. Instead, we have provided the resources on how to install the cluster.

To learn to install Hadoop, the learning path looks like this:

  1. Learn the basics of Linux and get comfortable with networking. This free hands-on tutorial on Linux would make that possible if you honestly finish the tutorial.

  2. Learn the basics of Hadoop. These two tutorials are sufficient to make you comfortable with basics of Linux: Big Data Introduction and HDFS. You can also take a full specialization/course on Big Data with Hadoop and Spark from CloudxLab for the deep understanding of the whole eco-system.

  3. Follow this tutorial on how to install Hadoop on AWS using Ambari

I hope this helps.