Error during Map - reduce programming

We have try to run word count problem using and using hadoop-streaming-2.7.3.jar -

Executing following commond
hadoop jar /home/rksrajput759155/test/hadoop-streaming-2.7.3.jar
-mapper /home/rksrajput759155/test/
-reducer /home/rksrajput759155/test/
-input /user/rksrajput759155/*
-output /user/rksrajput759155/output11.txt

but every time we are facing error “ Cannot run program “/home/rksrajput759155/test/”: error=13, Permission denied”

We have already provided full right to all file but still getting above error

Reference : Hadoop Streaming Using Python - Word Count Problem - GeeksforGeeks

It says permission denied.

Please give the execute permission to both mapper and reducers. In your case:

chmod +x /home/rksrajput759155/test/  /home/rksrajput759155/test/