End to end project on bike rentals


I am facing problem that although I am getting correct output but upon submission I get error for Decision tree regressor “dec_reg is not defined”, same with linear regression “lin_reg not defined” and random forest regressor “forest_reg not defined”
Kindly look into the issue.


@abhinav, that problem is back again. If you might remember, I was having an issue with my Churn Email codes. Same issue is happening here as mentioned by @Bubun_Sharan.

If you look at my notebook, I have completed the entire project, yet, it is showing errors in sub-topics 20, 21, 22, and 31 of topic 7. The errors are similar to the ones mentioned above, and I am getting these error even though I have the correct code, and am getting the correct results. The other sub-topics are getting accepted fine except for these 4.

I have even tried copy/pasting the code from Hint, but even that doesn’t work.