End Date of Course


I have purchased a course python for machine learning and initially when I started learning there was no end date for completion of course but today when I logged in it was showing me end date as Jan 2, 2020 for earning the certificate.
could you please clarify this issue?
As it was a self paced course i was learning at my own pace, If there was a end date it should have been conveyed earlier so that I could have been finished it by the end date.
Now what should I do???


Hi @anurag_bhadauria

The end date was always there in the course purchase page. Just to make it simpler for our users we have started showing the end date “My Courses” page.


And yes it is self-paced course. Course access will be there with you for lifetime. Just that if you need EICT certificate you will have to finish it with in the end date.