Dl and ml projects ideas


Please give some ideas of projects on ML/DL for final year btech projects. Its urgent.


Hi, Queen.

Choose any project that you are doing as a part of CloudxLab course make a end to end documentations of what, why, how questions!.
For instance.

  1. What is the problem statements?
  2. Why you have chosen this problem?
  3. How you are approaching to solve this problem?
  4. What tools you are using to solve this?
  5. What os the data sources?
  6. Why you have chosen particular algorithm?
  7. What is the end results you achieved like accuracy, loss, performance are some metrics?
  8. How you were able to get a better results from the existing models?
  9. Prepare a proper graphical representations of the results and EDA you performed.

All the above questions should be the sub-topics of your projects and then you can submit it after getting reviewed by your guide.

Note : But remember to mention CloudxLab.

All the best!

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