Did not get Referral free access for 30 days

HI Team,

I have referred my friend, He has enrolled but i did not get free lab access for 30 days, Could you please have a look on it.

Madhu M

You and your friend will get 30 days extension within 7 days after your friend subscribes to CloudxLab

Is the 7-day time period completed?

Yes, Yesterday is my last day of lab expiration. If possible could you please provide the access, I am one of the old subscriber of cloudx lab, referred many people :).

May thanks inadvance.

Madhu M

Hi Madhu,
We are happy to hear that and we value our subscribers a lot. But, this is an automated process and we don’t have any control over it. Sorry:(

Still I did not get access extended access to lab for referral, My friend also did not the access. Please help on it.

We have extended the lab access for both users. Kindly check!