Deciphering XG Boost Ensemble Algorithm & its functionality

Hi CloudXLab Team,

Q1 What are the steps involved in XG Boost Ensemble Algorithm? or the functionalities involved in the execution of XG Boost Ensemble Algorithm?

Q2 How are the Week-learners/predictors/trees/estimators combined to be transformed into a Strong Learner?

Usage of codes are fine----but understanding the Theoretical rationale behind it is equally important I believe.

How do you describe or answer the aforesaid 2 questions from an Interview perspective?

Hi, this has been beautifully explained in the Ensemble Learning and XGBoost topic in your course. You can go through that to not only understand the code, but the theoretical explanation of the same. You can also find the latest XGBoost documentation below:

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Appreciate Rajtilak for sharing a valuable link regarding XGBoost Ensemble Algorithm!!!