Data Science EICT IITR Course

I have enrolled for EICT IITR course… However on your website there is no details of EICT courses. Only Cloudx Lab certificates courses are reflecting on the website… Kindly clarify if i complete existing course then will i be eligible for EICT IITR certificate or cloudxlab course.

You will get the E&ICT, IIT R certificate.

please help with exact learning path for data preprocessing, ML and Big Data… Course topics are aligned in random manner…

The topics are not aligned in a random manner. The sequence of the topics is: Big Data followed by Machine Learning and then Deep Learning.

If a topic B depends on a topic A, then A comes before B.

For example, Linux is something on which every other topic is dependent, therefore, Linux is the first topic. Similarly, for understanding YARN and HDFS, you would need a bit knowledge about Zookeeper, therefore Zookeeper comes before YARN and HDFS.

For understanding MapReduce, you need to know about HDFS and YARN, therefore MapReduce comes after HDFS and YARN.

Similarly, to know Spark, you need to know about Linux, HDFS, Scala, therefore the Spark comes after Linux, HDFS, Scala and other topics.

The only order you can switch is whether to pick Big Data chapters first or Machine Learning Specialization first.