Course Status Incorrect

I have completed this topic [Topic- 21 Convolutional Neural Network …] but then also it shows 80% completed instead of 100% completed…

Same with End to End Project… i have completed all the mandatory topics inside topic-12 then also it shows 93% instead of 100% completed.

Hi Brijesh,

There are many a times when new topics are incorporated or additional questions are added (wherever required in that particular section or topic) as per the Academic & Market requirements based as per the discretion of the Mentors and Experts at CloudX Lab.

These questions are framed in such a manner so that students are able to crack their respective interviews at the end of their training schedule.

I as a student too have experienced numerous additions to the syllabus especially in Python and related topics.

Thus, in brief, you need to re-revise the submitted questions for that particular topic and cross-verify whether you have missed out any.

Hope this helps!!!