Completed certificate providing criterias please provide the certificate


I have completed 60% of the course with 3 projects from machine learning part and 4 projects from deep learning part .
As mentioned in the certificate providing criteria I have completed the requirements so Please provide me the certificates of ML AND DEEP LEARNING AND PYTHON as soon as possible its an urgent requirement for applying for interviews.

Thank You
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In how much time did you received your certificate ?

I received Around 15-20 days

Hi Queen_Saikia,

Could you please tell me , how the Deep learning projects were evaluated?. I mean for clothes classifier I could see an instruction to save the code and the assessment engine to submit. But for another project “Cats Classifier” , I do not see any submit button for evaluation. Is it like the code is manually evaluated?

Please let me know, how you considered your Deep Learning projects as completed.


Hi Archana, the Cats Classifier project is a non-guided project. Only steps 2, 3, and 4 are auto-evaluated. In step 5, you need create either a Logistic Regression or a CNN model on your own to complete the project. Once completed, as mentioned in the instructions on step 5, you need to rename the Jupyter notebook containing your code as cat_vs_noncat_classifier.ipynb and then save it inside cloudxlab_jupyter_notebooks directory in your home folder on CloudxLab. Let me know if you face any further challenges.