Change in the topic list of Machine learning specialization

I have enrolled for ML specialization course
I have already completed 97% part of python and my course completion was 15% but today the list of topics in my courses changed and course completion fell to only 10% with python foundations 0% .
I have to again attempt those assessments which I did earlier.
This is not fair
Please guide me

Hi All,
The same issue is being faced by me. Even I am not able to find Python for the Machine Learning Course and unable to find python project 1 &2 as well.
For each course I am getting enroll option rather than go to my course.
Screen shot has been attached. Please have a look with a priority.

Thanks and Regards,
Preformatted text![chrome|236x500](upload://u5c8Jh6LPljYDe9A5kZJn9SpRUW.jpeg)

Hi Bubun and Jayant,

We have deprecated the old project because google API kept failing and the users were not able to use the open-source library for downloading emails.

We now have a better auto evaluated project by the name “Python Project - Churn Emails”. This is more practical and gives quick feedback on your work. This would help you get the certification quicker.

So, if you have not yet completed the project, please go for the new one. In case, you have already completed the old project, please submit that one.

Thanks Sir,
New project is better than the old one but what about the python assessments which I completed and now its showing 0%
Even the Linux was not there earlier.

We have not touched the Python Assessments or Linux. Not sure why it is happening like that.

Hi Sandeep Sir,

I have completed old project. So, request you to please let me know the email id on which I will have to share the code and output as well.