Cannot see some topics under ML course

Dear CloudX Lab Team,

Greetings!!! I believe there were some topics such as Optional Projects under End-to End Machine Learning. For eg. Wine Project & few more.
A few topics were left to cover …hence was marked at around 90% if I do recall…

Now after a few months gap searching for those topics that were remaining that were to be studied, I don’t see those topics at all…

Unfortunately, I had to take a break due to WFH exceeding 9 - 10 hours or even more on any given day. This practice still continues with an Individual’s Wellness being compromised.

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks & Regards,
Sameer Sippy

Most of the topics that you are referring to were non-guided projects. We replaced some of them with their guided version, for the rest we have introduced new guided projects. We keep updating our course playlist to keep it more relevant. Would suggest you to attempt the projects given in the playlist now.

Appreciate Rajthilak for the updates. Thanks for your feedback!!!

So just one confirmation—
a) Are these Projects given under Free Guided projects? or is there something more?

Another clarification required----
a) Does your organization offer any course in Statistics?
Kindly let me know about the same…and the relevant Course Details…

Awaiting your response

a. You would find the latest projects related to a particular course under My Courses.
b. As of now we do not have a separate course related to Statistics.

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It would really be appreciated if CloudX Lab could come out or release their version for Statistics course…It would indeed be helpful.not only for myself but for other students too…
Appreciate your prompt response.

Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it. We would definitely consider it while we are updating/adding courses to our playlist.

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Statistics is a dry subject… and can be boring at times…

However, an animated version would make the the learning of Statistics along with your interactive module format (currently being used) interesting for all the budding ML professionals

Quite true. I too found statistics quite unpalatable in college, unless I saw how it can be applied to bring data to life. We will do our best to introduce a course on statistics, thank you for your suggestion.

By the way, I found these books on Statistics quite interesting as follows:

a) Applied Business Statistics - by Ken Black.
(NOTE: Its PDF version can be downloaded. Hard copy is affordable. Basically a “Grantha” for all the Statisticians. Apt for budding students pursuing AI & ML & Analytics).

b) Business Statistics - by Naval Bajpayi
(NOTE: Only Hard copies are available. Good for lucid explanation & simple language).

I find them quite useful especially from Analytics/ML & AI/Data Science perspective. Repeated reading makes the understanding of the topics better & clearer albeit a lot of patience is required.

Hope this piece of information helps you and other faculty members at CloudX Lab!!!

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