Boolean Expressions

Question number 69

i did not understand.

how can i change num to string after compare with num 1and num2??

Please read the full questions and see the sample output:

For bool_func(1,2,3,4) , it should return ‘FalseFalseTrueTrue’.

1.) if num1 is greater than num2 and store result in exp1 after converting it into str
Here it means that we shall store the result of comparison which could be True or False in the exp1 after converting the result to a string.

i am still in confusion.

How can i store comparison in exp1??

Please clarify.

The result of comparision is True or False which is a Boolean value. This Boolean value can be translated to string using str.

Can you please give me idea how to do this

If num 1 > num2:

exp1 = str(True)

is this the way to define it or something else??

Please clarify.

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