Bad environment

How irritating this environment is ?

Only few people understand and use the masses of query are coming
we can’t see the hdfs ? we can’t make our directories ?

This is a full waste of time

Hi Rishabh,

We are so sorry you feel this way. But we rarely receive such complaints. In fact, our users personally like our environment and we have mostly received positive feedback from them.

To answer your queries, you can access HDFS using ‘hadoop fs’ command. Such as, you can list down all the files and directories in your HDFS such as:

We also provide Ambari UI for a better UI. You can refer to HDFS using Ambari for it.

You can also create directories such as:

You can do the same using Ambari too such as:

Also, it would be much helpful if you can suggest some ways so that we can make our environment better. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any query.