About classification

on cloudxlab jupyter it tells that fetch_mldata doesn’t exist.

How can i import fetch_mldata so that i can practice it.

So please tell me.

Could you provide me with a bit more context?
Which notebook are you using? Or share the URL.


This is the URL.

I am working on jupyter notebook.

Could you provide me with a bit more context about notebook?

notebook means python3 and jupyter.

I understand this when someone ask me about notebook.

Could you provide me your opinion on ‘What is notebook’

If i say anything you will not get understand and you will ignore my post.

So please give me about bit more context about notebook?

please reply .do not ignore this.

Hi Nirav,

Could you share the detailed steps which you executed when you got the error?

When I am opening the above link, I am getting the empty notebook:

how can i fix it??

please tell me the steps.

Hi Nirav,

Instead of from sklearn.datasets import fetch_mldata you should use from sklearn.datasets import fetch_openml. (Check the new notebook at https://github.com/cloudxlab/ml/blob/master/machine_learning/classification.ipynb)

Please use the updated notebooks from the repository.

If you have not yet cloned the repository, please clone from the console using the following command:

# Change to the home directory
# Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/cloudxlab/ml.git

If you have already cloned, the above commands will through the error. Try updating the code using:

cd ml
git pull

If git pull through error because of your local changes, please back the changes to other place and use the following command to overwrite:

git checkout .
git pull

when i do git pull it tells me alraedy update

Please compare the notebook in your checkout against the one that is there on github.com/cloudxlab/ml to figure out if the notebooks you have are the updated ones.

gitignore file is missing

in my cloudxlab

But i am not sure