A Handy Book Suggestion for Machine Learning Interviews


There are a lot of questions being asked regarding the ML interviews in this forum. I wondered myself about the same a while back and I was very much confused as most of the reference books contained so much information that its very likely to miss out or overlook the important topics, therefore, unable to get a clear picture of ML and DL as a whole. I found myself stuck in this trap numerous times in the past.

But recently, I think I found a book with a little over 100 pages that made the bigger picture a little clearer and after going through it a couple of times, I thought to share it here in this discussion forum which can be a great tool for all the Machine Learning Interviews and therefore, taking us a big step closer to our end goal.

Here is a link to the pdf .

The 100 Page Machine Learning Book - Andriy Burkov

I have uploaded it to my github. If you want, please go ahead, click the link and download or clone it or you can just buy it online if you want.

Its one gem of a book and I really hope it helps all my co-learners here in someway or another. Please let me know about this suggestion of mine. I can always learn.



Thanks Ankur for sharing this valuable info. Yes it will help those students who are preparing for interviews and looking for a switchover to another organization.

Appreciate your efforts!!!

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Also, this is very handy:

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Hi @ss7dec,

No problem. Happy to help.


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